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QTViệt Cafe hosts an adaptation of "Paris By Night" called "QTViệt by Night", a unique Vietnamese musical and comical variety showcase featuring talented QTViệt artists sharing their experience on becoming an unapologetic force of nature. We also offer opportunities for anyone from the QTViệt community to be part of this exciting showcase. Below are performances from our past showcases.

  "Say NO MORE (Nhóm Không Nói Nữa)"

About the artists

QTViệt artists, Irene Van, Van Sam, and Trang Tran, come together to perform an inspiring spoken word piece about the dark realities of "becoming normal".

  "Your Space"

About the artists

QTViệt singer, Neola, and pianst/vocalist, Lien, describes being able to heal in a space of hurt with an R&B song mixed in with a hint of alternative indie spin.

 "Quê Hương" / "Bốn Chữ Lắm" / Nỗi Buồn Hoa Phượng

About the artists

INNOVIỆT is a Queer and Trans Vietnamese acoustic ensemble based in the Bay Area made up of 1.5 - 2nd generation Vietnamese-American mixed-level musicians. A blend of traditional Vietnamese music influenced by Boléro, Bossa Nova, Việt-Latinx sounds and much more!

Arranged by Camille Mai. InnoViệt is a play on words for embracing their inner-Việt and their innovation of music.

Camille Mai - Arranger, Vocalist Chris Kim Thư Nguyễn - Ukulelist, Vocalist Giao Trần - Guitarist, Vocalist Quyên Nguyễn-Lê - Drummer Sal Trần - Drummer Tố Tồ Nguyễn - Leader, Vocalist Trâm Anh LK - Ukulelist, Vocalist Trang Trần - Rapper Tùng Xuân Đào - Pianist, Vocalist

  Being a drummer (and queer)

About the artist

Lien (they/them) is shares their experiences with how drumming can be related to queerness with several similarities.


About the artist

QTViệt co-founder, Trang Tran (they/them), shares their experiences about the struggles of being a "good role" model as the oldest sibling of immigrant parents.

  "To Love in Vietnamese"

About the artist

QTViệt artist, Irene Van, shares sex poems about baguette & condensed milk, braised pork belly, and shrimp paste, and a spoken piece word about falling in love in Vietnamese.

  "Raise Ya Blades"

About the artist

Spoken word QTViệt artist, Tu Anh Phan, describes a moving experience using the word "cut" and what creates a "rock-hard" family.


About the artist

QTViệt filmmaker, Ngọc Anh Hà, performs Vietnamese martial arts using various weapons such as a sword and fan.