QTViệt Cafe started in summer of 2016 as part of a year-long Youth Impact HUB Fellowship with the determination to manifest a cultural healing hub centering diasporic Queer and/or Trans Viet (QTViệt) lived experiences.

The main pillars for QTViệt Cafe are:

i) Creating a space where, as QTViệts, we are able to remember, honor, and practice the relationships our ancestors have with food, land and culture

ii) Healing ourselves, our families, our communities through the act of communal cooking, sharing, and holding each other truths

iii) Being fluid and daring in our journey, a continuum process of experimenting and creating a menu for the people and a thriving worker-owned collective

 QTViet Cafe founders in Oakland, CA 2018

QTViet Cafe founders in Oakland, CA 2018