We are healing from our trauma

The Việtnamese community, especially that of Queer and Trans, has been forced to live in fear and silence due to the repercussions of the US war in Southeast Asia. A disproportionate number of Vietnamese immigrants struggle to assimilate due to racism and systemic oppression. While intergenerational relationships have been weakened by war trauma, language barriers, and cultural differences, Queer and Trans (QT) Việtnamese Americans find it particularly challenging to heal from the compacted trauma of war and marginalized identity.

We found QTViệt Cafe as an opportunity to collectively heal and raise our voices against prejudice, systemic oppression, and marginalization of the Vietnamese immigrant and QTViệt community. By bringing Queer and Trans Vietnamese children back into the kitchen with our elders, we create a safe space for QTViệts to gather, speak out, and honor our rich cultural traditions and stories.

Our collective is about uplifting

Our work is a production of many hearts, minds, and hands, centered in Queer and Trans Vietnamese narratives. As a collective, we work together year-round to provide delicious Việtnamese food at pop-up events, Intergenerational Feast of Resistance during Tet (Lunar New Year), and "Paris by Night" arts showcase for QTViệt artists to perform and speak their truths. Our collective grows as our roots deep and stretch.

There’s a place for everyone to experience QTViệt Cafe as a collective member, a kitchen volunteer, or an audience participant. We invite you to engage with us wherever your heart calls.

The main pillars for QTViệt Cafe are:
  • - creating a space where, as QTViệts, we are able to remember, honor, and practice the relationships our ancestors have with food, land and culture
  • - providing an unapologetic platform for and by QTViệt artists and witnessing each other brilliancy and non-binary existence
  • - participating in worker owner model to support socially just, ecologically sustainable economic solutions

Meet Our People

We are proud to organize as a worker-owner cooperative, where QTViệt Cafe is owned and self-managed by its members. Members decide their own work in supporting the needs of QTViệt Cafe.
Trang Tran

Worker-owner, artist | Founder

As a social entrepreneur and visionary, Trang Tran is the founder of QTViệt Cafe, which aims to create a safe, gathering space for LGBTQ Vietnamese people and elders community. Bringing storytelling through food, Trang hopes to stir up change for social good, one plate at a time. They like to dance and sing karaoke.
Võ Hải

Worker-owner, artist

“Một cây làm chẳng nên non, ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao”. One tree provides little strength, three trees in strength together allows us to reach high mountains.

Hải là người Mỹ gốc Việt, raised in California, by way of birth sponsorship in Iowa, by way of refugee camps in the Philippines and Malaysia, and by way of two villages in southern Viet Nam - Mỹ Tho và (and) Chợ Gạo. Hải identifies as queer second-generation Vietnamese of the diaspora and is passionate about traditional food(ways), self- and group-liberation, and home(land) and soulful adventures with good people and good food.

Five essential Vietnamese ingredients in Hải's kitchen and home are: cá (cơm) // anchovies, đất // land, hột // seeds, muối // salt, and dừa // coconuts.

Additional profiles will be added soon!

Our Leadership Committee

  • An Bui
  • Mers Tran
  • Tracy Nguyen
  • Karen Ta
  • Thuy Tran
  • Jean Pham
  • Leslie Tran
  • Jackline Vo