Stories of Our Work

Intergenerational Feast of Resistance: Say Mê Tết

VietUnity - East Bay and QTViệt Cafe carry on with the year of resistance by grounding ourselves in food and stories. Our yearly feast features dishes from the members of Say Tết People's Cookbook, a cohort of QTViệt documenting, celebrating, and sharing the foodways and recipes of our families and/or loved ones during the tết year as a pathway to organizing and creating a cultural healing hub. In a state of say mê// passion, this intimate feast and series of cooking workshops aim to deepen intergenerational bonds and discussions surrounding the intersections of being Vietnamese and being Queer and/or Trans in the context of Tết. In collectively prepping and enjoying a meal full of love, care, lots of laughter and power to feed your souls, we aim to connect with our roots and with each other.