Frequently Asked Questions about QTViệt Cafe

  What is QTViệt Cafe?

QTViệt Cafe is a cultural hub dedicated to nourish, heal, and uplift Queer and Trans Việtnamese (QTViệt) narratives through ancestral food practices, the arts, and intergenerational connections.

  Do I have to be queer, trans, and/or vietnamese to volunteer?

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome to support our vision for QTViệt Cafe. :)

  I am interested in volunteering. How can I help?

Great! You can directly contact us by emailing or fill out our contact form here.

  Where does QTViệt Cafe pop up?

QTViệt Cafe venders at QPOC friendly dance parties around several locations SF Bay Area. We typically collaborate with Hunnies & Hot Sauce and SHIPS IN THE NIGHT to serve delicious Vietnamese-flavored treats!

  What are the volunteer opportunities?

It depends on the event! Volunteers generally help with the front door, prep and serve food, and set up/take down our pop up altar. If you want to contribute in other ways, let us know!

  How will I know about your next event?

You can either check out our Event page or join our mailing list here.
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